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      Hangzhou Kingcrown Construction & Decoration Material Co., Ltd.

      HPL Locker Hardware

      • Product Item:HPL Locker Hardware
      • Category:Locker Hardware
      • Views:995
      • Material: 6063A Aluminium
      • Color: Aluminium Color
      • Feature: Anti Corrosion, Fire Proof, Easy to Clean
      • Product Manual:HPL Locker Hardware

      Product Name:

      HPL Locker Hardware

      Product Photo:

      Structure Photo:

      The back panel, side panel and divide panel is 5mm thick HPL, other panel are 12mm thick HPL.


      HPL Locker, Cabinet, ...

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      Whatsapp: 0086 13588153956

      Wechat: 0086 13588153956

      QQ: 37805150

      Email: Kcrown1801@aliyun.com

      Mobile Phone No.: 0086 13588153956

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